Philanthropy for Everyone

Bank of Cancer Research Philanthropy for Everyone

Philanthropy for Everyone. Donate the profits from your banking services to cancer research.

The Bank of Cancer Research (BCR) is a concept for a bank that uses its profits to fund cancer research.

Deep down we truly believe that if everyone were in a position to do so, they would donate to charity to help make the world a better place. However, the reality of life is that after the bills are paid most people are not in a position to make a donation.

One of the most beautiful outcomes of BCR is that everyone can share in the joys of philanthropy without incurring any additional personal costs beyond the cost of their banking services, which they would have incurred if they banked with a competitor. It does this by allowing customers to donate the profits generated from their banking services as opposed to their spare cash.

At the Bank of Cancer Research, we are on a mission to prove to our investors that we have 1 million customers who are ready to sign up. So if you would be a customer of a bank who uses their profits to fund cancer research please like, follow and subscribe to our social media pages and then tell someone else about the Bank of Cancer Research.
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