Open Source Cancer Research

Bank of Cancer Research Open Source

One of the major barriers to the world finding a cure for cancer is that generally, scientists are unable to share their research because of the requirement to generate profits from their findings. 

The need to create profits results in the best scientists working in isolated silos, which in our view is a very inefficient way of finding a cure. 

If the world's goal was truly to find a cure for cancer and we removed the requirement to profit from research, it is clear that sharing research and using an open source approach is the most efficient and effective way to find a cure. The term "open source" refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible.

Consider the impact on cancer treatments if all the world's scientists could work collaboratively with each other on cutting-edge medical advancements as they are discovered. 

The Bank of Cancer Research (BCR) exists for one reason, to Cure Cancer and importantly we have no requirement to profit from our research as such we can contribute all of our findings to open source cancer research. 

BCR and the Purpose Model use a bank to generate profits (free cash flow),  to fund research and development. Further, our identified shareholders will allocate their capital for a specific purpose, to find a cure for cancer as opposed to generating a financial return. 

The Purpose Model is a step towards a more creative capitalism which accesses the power of the free markets to find a cure for cancer. 

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