What Is the Next Step in Our Evolution

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Right now, is the most technologically advanced that we have ever been. We live in the most incredible time that has ever existed. We live in a world filled with planes, electric cars and rockets that land back on earth. We live in a world where we have the answers to almost all the questions that have ever been asked sitting in our pockets. We live in a world where we can instantly get in contact with nearly everyone on the planet.  

However, it will not be long, perhaps as little as 50 years from now that future generations will look back on today and struggle to understand how we lived in such unsophisticated times. There would have been a point some 12,000 years ago when the Hunter Gatherers would have turned to each other and also said "Right now, is the most technologically advanced that we have ever been". There would have also been a point around 200 years ago at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution where our ancestors would have had similar conversations. 

The statement has been right at each point in time, which highlights that evolution is constant, which raises the question, what is the next stage of our evolution?  

Many of the incredible things that we have today are a result of Capitalism and the free markets. Capitalism is an economic system in which capital goods are privately owned, and the production of goods and services is based on the supply and demand of the general market. One simple way of looking at capitalism is to say that if someone wants something (demand) someone will make it and sell (supply) it to them.  

I'm pretty sure that every person in the world wants to find a cure for cancer. So, the demand is there. However, the system is not operating effectively enough to deliver a cure.  

So, we ask ourselves can capitalism, the greatest economic system of all time be improved? While right now any advancements are hard to imagine, similarly to how the Hunter Gatherers would have struggled to imagine the industrial revolution, we must remember that evolution is constant. Further, we must consider that evolution appears to happen exponentially. So where to from here.   

Quantum leaps in evolution are very rare and we are not suggesting that we are on the cusp of one. We do however suggest that the BCR purpose model is a step towards a more creative capitalism which better aligns market forces and the power of the free markets to deliver better outcomes for the population as a whole.  

The BCR purpose model gives consumers additional choice.  Not only because of increased competition but because the consumer is given the choice about what happens with the profits generated from their banking services. Simply by banking with BCR customers are choosing to donate the profits from their banking to cancer research. We suggest that given the choice the majority of people would choose to allocate the profit to cancer research as opposed to shareholders of competitors.  

Donations are usually made from whatever money is left once a person has bought all the things they need. BCR and the purpose model move the point of donation to where a purchase decision is made. People will know at the point of purchase if they choose to use BCR the profits from their banking services will be used to fund cancer research.   

Imagine a world where banking profits are used to fund cancer research, are we about to take a step towards the next stage of our evolution?